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Please accept our invitation to find qualified candidates at the most efficient medical sales specialty job board on the internet. MYMEDICALSALESJOBS.COM is a medical sales job board specially designed by medical sales recruiters who understand the specific needs of job seekers and employers.

Registered members can use the extensive search capabilities of MYMEDICALSALESJOBS.COM to effortlessly sort through candidates to find ones who meet their specific search criteria. You can also post job orders for specific industry skills. WE HAVE "PASSIVE CANDIDATES".  Some people are hesitant about releasing their name right away but still are interested in finding out what else is available.  Our system let's you find these candidates by listing their call points, products, years of experience, etc.

Are you looking for a candidate with medical device sales experience? How about a candidate with at least 5yrs medical device experience and 10yrs total sales experience. How about a candidate that has at least 5yrs medical device experience and 10yrs total sales experience and currently sells to Vascular Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists and was a college athlete and was a nurse that lives in a specific metro area? Oh yea they also have the words hemodynamic monitoring system in their resume.

It is all possible at MYMEDICALSALESJOBS.COM!! No other specialty job board has such variable industry specific search and post criteria. You will be able to find candidates to fill the most difficult requirements. Some candidates will even supply their picture.

Don't let the competition find your perfect candidate first!